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Many years ago, I worked with a guy who was in great physical shape and was obviously a fitness buff. Since I also wanted to get back into shape, I asked him which piece of gym equipment he felt was the very best for quickly making the fastest gains. He leaned in and whispered (as if it was a trade secret) “Okay…I’ll tell you the single, best piece of equipment. This one machine is far superior to any other machine you’ll find in the gym. Far and away, the single best machine is … the one you’re actually going to use.” And then he walked away. A simple answer but one that I never forgot.

Do you know someone who bought the “best” among a field of products or services, but it wasn’t really the best one suited for them? Do you know this person intimately? Was this perhaps’YOU’? You’re not alone. When it comes to choosing an e-learning solution, there are over 160 vendors in that vast sea of LMS/LCMS platforms. How are you going to distinguish one from another? You’d be surprised how many solutions buyers make their choice by mass mailing requests for RFPs and then comparing features side-by-side with vendors’ solutions in order to find the best value for the money. This is a baaaad way to purchase an e-learning solution for your organization. Here’s a better way: (more…)


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Here’s an excellent resource to get you started with understanding and using Wiki technology. What’s a “wiki?” It’s a collaborative website you can easily build which can be directly edited by anyone with access to it.

This link to the wikimatrix.org website lets you go through a wizard to find the perfect wiki for you and then shows you a great comparison table with all of the features listed out. Pretty cool.


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