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Boost eLearning, the pioneer in Google search training for large organizations, today announced Boost eLearning Google Search Training, a hosted application that trains information workers how to quickly and easily extract targeted information from the Web using search practices they never knew were possible. Ideal for large corporations, government and non-profit organizations, Boost eLearning’s training instills in workers the expanded range of search skills they need to exploit the wealth of free information on the Web. With Boost eLearning Google Search Training, organizations can turn Internet-powered workers into more productive, savvy consumers of knowledge.

Boost eLearning Launches Google Search Training for Large Organizations – MarketWatch


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If you build it, will they come?  Don’t hold your breath in Hong Kong.  When we talk about the “bells and whistles” of Web 2.0 and e-learning 2.0 technologies, it’s easy to forget that content itself is what captures and holds our attention.  (A good spell-checker also wouldn’t hurt):

Thums down for e-learning
(08-25 18:38)
E-learning is not as popular among teenagers as people may have assumed, according to a survey conducted by the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong.
In the survey which polled 785 young people between 12 and 22 in Hong Kong and Taiwan between December 06 and May last year, 8 percent of youngsters in Hong Kong said they disliked e-learning.
The results also showed 55 percent said e-learning was not their preference compared to 44 percent of youngsters in Taiwan sharing their view.
Social worker Yuen Hin-sing explained most e-learning has not been strongly supported by research data that failed to appeal to the young learners. Yuen said there was no data to establish that students can learn more and better from e-learning.

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