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    Vivitsa eLearning, a pioneer in elearning solutions, launched the beta version of its adaptive cue-based learning portal, ElCues.com today. This solution is first of its kind in India and is designed to adjust the learning cycle based on the learning level of the child. Derived from several years of research on learning methods, the solution is designed to teach deeper concepts, not just techniques to solve problems.

    Some of the highlights of ElCues.com are:

    * It is an adaptive cue based learning solution that offers learning through application of concepts and knowledge to school children
    * Leads the students to uncover complex concepts through intelligent cues.
    * Learning cycle adjusts according to the learning level of the students
    * The cue-based learning method, ElCues Learning, is designed to improve learning level of the students, supplement the school education, and improve academic performance of students.
    * Offers a mixture of learning capsules and tests which can be taken any number of times

  • Learn more by visiting their website at:  http://www.Elcues.com

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